Showman of Showmen Results

Holmes County Fair

The Showman of Showmen Contest was held on Saturday, August 12 at the Holmes County Fair. Junior Fair Exhibitors selected as Supreme Showman in their species had the opportunity to compete for the title of “Showman of Showmen” by showing thirteen different species (poultry, rabbit, market goat, dairy goat, pygmy goat, sheep, swine, dairy feeder, dairy steer, dairy cow, beef steer, horse, and llama). Since most junior fair exhibitors do not typically show all 13 animals, they are challenged to learn the species information and showmanship styles for each animal before the event.


The 2017 Showman of Showmen title was earned by Lance Troyer, member of the Barnyard Buddies 4-H Club. Along with a large trophy that will rotate to the new Showman of Showmen each year, Overholt also received a $25 cash award and 1st place rosette ribbon.


Second place was awarded to Carter Smith, a member of the Hoof-N-Hide 4-H Club and received a 2nd place rosette ribbon.


Participants placing 3rd through 13th received rosette ribbons.
In third place, Leon Williams, member of the Doughty Valley 4-H Club.
In fourth place, Tallie Troyer, member of the Doughty Valley 4-H Club.
In fifth place, Alyx Morris, member of the Udder Ends 4-H Club.
In sixth place, Katie Sprang, member of the Lakeville Lakers 4-H Club.
In seventh place, Chloe Shumaker, member of the Ripley Ringleaders 4-H Club.
In eighth place, Anna Irwin, member of the Nashville Jolly Farmers 4-H Club.
In ninth place, Orlena Latsch, member of the Holmesville Clover 4-H Club.
In tenth place, Cora Crilow, member of the Prairie Partners 4-H Club.
In eleventh  place, Jillian Gurley, member of the Buckeye 4-H Club.
In twelth place, Logan Schlauch, member of the Ripley Ringleaders 4-H Club.
In thirteenth place, Kayla Nicholson , member of the Bits & Bridles 4-H Club.


Awards were sponsored by the Holmes County Junior Fair Board.