Sheldon Haudenschild Wins At NAPA WCS

Orrville, Ohio

Saturday, April 22, 2017

By Tyler Altmeyer & Mike Swanger


With his World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series weekend commitments in Arkansas and Missouri washed away by Mother Nature, Wooster’s Sheldon Haudenschild decided to make the long trek home and his decision proved to be worth $5,000.


He would charge forward from his 6th starting position to win the 30 lap non stop feature by more than 6 seconds. The current World of Outlaw Craftsman Sprint Car Series Rookie of the year points leader took command for the first time on lap 12, driving under his father, Jac Haudenschild, between the first and second corner. It was the 16th Arctic Cat All Star victory of Sheldon’s career and his fifth at NAPA Wayne County Speedway.


“This car was a dream all night long,” Sheldon Haudenschild explained in victory lane. “My guys did one heck of a job which made my job a lot easier, too. The track tonight was great as always. It’s pretty cool to come back here and have an opportunity to race close to home.


The ‘Wild Child’ Jac Haudenschild led the Arctic Cat All Star field to the green flag but was quickly overtaken by Caleb Armstrong as the front runners approached the flagstand for the first time.  Armstrong stayed on top until lap three when Jac Haudenschild reclaimed the point position. Haudenschild and Armstrong, soon flanked by Chad Kemenah, raced at the front of the field in that order until lap nine when Sheldon Haudenschild made his first appearance inside the top three.


Sheldon Haudenschild, aboard the Haudenschild Racing, Southern Pacific Farms, Finzer Farms #93, drove by Kemenah to claim third on lap nine, eventually taking second from Armstrong on lap 10. By that time, traffic had already started to intensify, allowing young Haudenschild to catch his father by utilizing slower cars, as well as the very top side of the speedway.


The father son duo battled through lap 11, only to swap positions on lap 12, with the winning move occurring near the exit of turn two. Sheldon Haudenschild was unchallenged the remaining distance, instantly increasing his advantage to a near straightaway by lap 15. When the checkers flew, Haudenschild had a six second advantage, he was chased by Chad Kemenah, Jac Haudenschild, Caleb Armstrong and Travis Philo.


“The cushion in one and two was really good, but my car was so good that I didn’t have to go up there and touch it much, ” Haudenschild explained. “I got around Dad early, but you can never be too sure about him. He never gives up, so you almost have to expect that he’ll be coming back at some point. I wish him and I could have finished 1-2 but it is what it is. We are happy to get the win.


Tyler Nicely led the opening two laps from his pole position of the Lowe’s Super Stock feature but Mansfield’s Bob Daugherty took over after that and then held off Paul Holmes the rest of the way for the win. Driving the Char’s Cars, McKenzie Concrete and Hursh Engines #21d, Daugherty could never get away from Holmes as caution flags would keep the field bunched together.


Holmes would be able to edge in front going down the back stretch a couple of times but Daugherty would be the leader when they crossed the line. Tod Bevilacqua would run in third as he was close enough to challenge Holmes for second but could never get by. Jordan James and Nicely recovered from early race spins to finish fourth and fifth. Heat winners were Holmes and James.


Next Saturday night will be a regular program at NAPA Wayne County Speedway with the Fisher Performance Sprints, Kar Connection Super Late Models, Lowe’s Super Stocks and the WQKT 104.5 Sports Country Mini Stocks. For More Information, go to the website at 




Saturday, April 22,2017




Fast Time  Caleb Helms 14.175


Heat   1  Chad Kemenah, Ryan Smith, Andrew Palker, Brandon Spithaler, Caleb Helms, Max Stambaugh, Jordan Harble, Roger Campbell, Tyler Esh, Brandon Matus, Mitch Harble


Heat   2  Brad Haudenschild, Jac Haudenschild, Christopher Bell, Hunter Schuerenberg, Cale Conley, John Garvin, Brent Matus, Andy Fike, Jordan Mackison, Hunter Mackison, Ryan Linder


Heat   3  Ryan Broughton, Sheldon Haudenschild, Cole Duncan, Dean Jacobs, Danny Mumaw, Nick Patterson, Trevor Baker, TJ Michael, Steve Butler, Troy Kingan, Dylan Kingan


Heat   4  Caleb Armstrong, Travis Philo, Tim Shaffer, Danny Smith, Jordan Ryan, Lee Jacobs, Jason Dolick, Tyler Dunn, Shawn Hubler, Bradley Howard, Dane Lorenc


Dash   1  Jac Haudenschild, Caleb Armstrong, Ryan Broughton, Travis Philo, Ryan Smith


Dash   2  Caleb Helms, Chad Kemenah, Sheldon Haudenschild, Hunter Schuerenberg, Brad Haudenschild


C Main   Shawn Hubler, Roger Campbell, Steve Butler, Brent Matus, Dane Lorenc, Bradley Howard, Troy Kingan, Andy Fike, Mitch Harble, Dylan Kingan


B Main  Lee Jacobs, Max Stambaugh, Tyler Esh, TJ Michael, Trevor Baker, Hunter Mackison, Brandon Matus, John Garvin, Jason Dolick, Ryan Linder, Shawn Hubler, Roger Campbell, Nick Patterson, Jordan Harble, Jordan Mackison, Tyler Dunn


Feature  Sheldon Haudenschild, Chad Kemenah, Jac Haudenschild, Caleb Armstrong, Travis Philo, Christopher Bell, Caleb Helms, Hunter Schuerenburg, Brandon Spithaler, Brad Haudenschild, Ryan Smith, Tim Shaffer, Ryan Broughton, Danny Mumaw, Andrew Palker, Dean Jacobs, Jordan Ryan, Danny Smith, Lee Jacobs, Cale Conley, TJ Michael, Max Stambaugh, Tyler Esh, Hunter Mackison, Bradley Howard, Cole Duncan




Heat   1  Paul Holmes, Bob Daugherty, Tod Bevilacqua, Chris Albright,  TA Perrine, Cliff Staley, Gary Hensel Jr.


Heat   2  Jordan James, Tyler Nicely, Brad Eagle, Todd Gallion, Jamie Gibbs, Darren Dawson


Feature  Bob Daugherty, Paul Holmes, Tod Bevilacqua, Jordan James, Tyler Nicely, Cliff Staley, Chris Albright, Darren Dawson, Jamie Gibbs, Gary Hensel Jr., TA Perrine, Brad Eagle, Todd Gallion dns