New Look IVC To Debut



It’s been over three years in the making but the new line-up and format for the Inter Valley Conference will make its debut this fall.


Now featuring 14 teams and two divisions as well as other caveats, the new IVC came about primarily due to travel concerns by those that were in the league and those that wanted to join.


IVC Commissioner Chuck Rest told a media gathering May 15 that financial benefit from reduced travel and expenses likely was the driving factor in the league becoming a reality.  He said while the school sizes necessitated some juggling and other roadblocks had to be overcome, the financial benefit was worth it to those involved.


(NOT SHOWN: Cross Country will also be a collective meet with all teams participating)


However, that doesn’t mean what begins in the fall will be the final product.  Rest says administrators have given themselves plenty of room to tweak things along the way.


For example, there will be “Showcase” dates for Volleyball and Boys and Girls Basketball at  year’s end. The likely format will be having the North Seventh Place team play the South Seventh Place team and so forth until the two division champions meet in the finale event of the day.


BUT…..that can be revised based on a number of factors including if the teams have already played twice during the season and if they are scheduled to meet soon in tournament play.


The Volleyball Showcase will be played at Indian Valley Boys Basketball Showcase at Claymont and the Girls Showcase at Hiland.  There will be NO overall IVC Champion…..only division titles.


That’s just one example.  There are others and fans should expect to see revisions and changes in the early years of the new league until all wrinkles are ironed out.


Football divisions are North and South in name only and are based more on logistics, size and other factors than location.


Teams will play everyone in their division and a set number of crossover games with the other division.


Schedules for the 2017-18 and 2018-19, as now designed, will likely hold but changes could be in the offing after review after those seasons have been played.


In other words, nothing is off the table as far as changes, if need be, to improve the league for the long-term.


Rest, who has been IVC Commissioner for nearly 20 years, says the league has enjoyed nearly a half century in existence and looks forward to the expansion implementation.