Mardis Wins First Late Model Feature

By Jessica Mardis


A beautiful, June evening on the Hill as all seven regular race divisions would see action throughout the night.


The First Choice Stump Grinding and Tree mini wedges featured six in the junior division and five in the senior division, each featuring driver’s making their first appearance at Hilltop Speedway.


In the junior division picking up the lone heat race win was Conner Hess with Karyssa Beagle claiming the win in the senior division. As the junior division made their way to the start of their feature, it was Hess who would take the early lead as Jacob Wright battled the bumper, looking for a way to the front.


With one to go, the yellow would come out forcing a green, checkered finish. Back green, Hess would once again take the lead and go on to pick up the feature win. Hess was followed by Wright, Caden Wiley, Brice Hague and Jake Simon. With the green out in the senior division, it was pole sitter, Beagle who would take the top spot as Logan Duncan worked his way around Chase Alexander to take second. Duncan all over the bumper of Beagle, would bring out the caution as Beagle would spin in one and two, forcing him to the tail.


Back green, Beagle again took the lead as Logan worked his way back through the field again on the bumper of Beagle, after passing Reece Bollinger on the inside. Unfortunately, contact between the two would bring out the caution, ending the night early for Duncan. Nevertheless, once again under racing conditions, Beagle would retain the top spot and go on to pick up another win on the season. Second went to Reece Bollinger, third to Levi Crider, fourth to Chase Alexander and fifth Logan Duncan.


Setting fast time in the Holmes Tire late models, among twenty competitors, was Shane McLoughlin with a time of 15.700. Heat race winners were Vic Hottinger and Jeremy Misel with Rick Mardis picking up the dash win, setting him on the pole for the night’s twenty-five lap feature event.

Holmes Tire late model feature winner Rick Mardis


Bringing the field to the green, it was Mardis getting the run over “The Flying Ace” Corey Conley to take the lead on lap one. With Conley working the bumper of Mardis, the battle would ensue for third between Michael Davis and “The General” George Lee with Davis taking the spot.


Three laps in, caution would fly, bunching the field up for restart. With the green back out, Mardis would get a good start, again claiming the top spot with Conley and Davis not far behind.


However, caution would come out once more setting up for a single file restart. Back under racing conditions, Mardis would once again take the top spot as Conley searched for a way to the front. However, while doing so he would make contact with the wall in two, leaving the door open for Michael Davis. Just as Davis was overtaking second, the yellow would come out for yet another restart.


With the green out, Mardis would again get the run and claim the lead as Vic Hottinger would make his way around both Craig Wolford and George Lee to claim fourth. Unfortuantely, yet another caution would force the field up single file. With another sold restart, Mardis would again take the top spot as Conley continued to search for a way around him.


Meanwhile, battle would ensue between Hottinger and Davis, with Hottinger taking to the low side, under Davis for third then doing the same with Conley to claim the second position. Once again, caution would come out with nineteen laps down, bunching the field back up. With the green back out, Hottinger would challenge Mardis for the lead but unable to make it stick.


Thus, going on to pick up his first feature win in the late model division it was Rick Mardis followed by Hottinger, Michael Davis, Corey Conley and Jeremy Misel.


The Hangout in Danville modifieds were next out and had a field of eighteen with DJ Cline setting fast time with a 16.617. “The Toboso Bullet” Jimmy Smith and Denny Benjamin each picked up a heat race win with “The Logger” Kevin Morehouse picking up the dash.


Setting the pace to the green, Morehouse and Bruce Takach would battle it out for the top spot with Morehouse edging out to take the lead with one lap in the books. Lap for lap, Takach would challenge the bumper of Morehouse as the two worked their way through lap traffic, Takach would gain on “The Logger”.


Meanwhile, fast qualifier DJ Cline would work his way around Kyle Brown to claim third. As the laps dwindled, Morehouse undeterred by the challenging Takach, maintained his run and went on to lead every lap and pick up back to back wins at the Hill. Finishing second was Bruce Takach, third was DJ Cline, fourth was Kyle Brown and cracking into the top five with five laps to go was Aaron Scott.


Next to roll onto the track were the Rigz Towing modlites with a field of eight. Picking up the single heat race win was Joey Anderson. With Anderson on pole, leading the field down the backstretch, the green was out and he would take an early lead. However, pulling double duty in the R88, it was Kevin Morehouse in second putting pressure on Anderson.


With two laps in, Morehouse would pass Anderson to take the lead. Meanwhile, the battle for third between Tanner McLoughlin and Clint Snyder, would see Snyder take it with seven laps in. With Morehouse out front, Snyder would set his sights on Anderson for that second place position which he would take with three laps to go.


Nevertheless, after leading every lap green to checkered, “The Logger” Kevin Morehouse would claim a second feature win on the night. Rounding out the top five were Clint Synder, Tanner McLoughlin, Joey Anderson and Tim Maharg.


The Holmes Pest Control street stocks also featured a field of eight with last week’s feature winner, Dave Potts, picking up the single heat race win. With the field set for their fifteen lap feature event, it was Potts who would jump out front with Kyle Moore a close second. Corner after corner, Moore would put the pressure on Potts.


With five laps in, Moore would look to the inside of Potts and overtake the leader coming off of turn two. Once out front, that is where Kyle Moore would remain picking up yet another win at Hilltop this season. Second went to Dave Potts followed by Kevin Potts, Bob Chilcote and Dustin Daugherty.


Up next were the Short Track Fire and Rescue mini stocks, also sponsored by Mid-Ohio Steel Works for the month of June, with a field of thirteen. Heat race winners were John Ohse and Colton St. John setting the front row of their feature event. As the green dropped, it was Ohse jumping to the front with St. John on his bumper as a battle for third ensued between Matt Miller and Jerry Adkins.


Coming in on the white flag, caution would come out once more bunching the field up for a green checker finish. Back under green, John Ohse would again claim the top spot and that is where he would remain fending off St. John for his first feature win. Finishing third was Matt Miller followed by Jerry Adkins and Tim Workman.


The final division to see action for the night were the Bugs R Gone trucks with a field of nine. A single heat race win went to “The Dominator” Braxton Wilson placing him on the pole of the feature. As Wilson brought the field to the green, he and Rolly Heyder would battle it out for the lead with Heyder edging out to take lap one.


Charging back, Wilson would take back the lead off of turn two. However, caution would come out forcing single file restart from previous completed lap position. With Heyder on point, the green was out and Heyder would again jump out from as the battle for second would ensue between Wilson and Travis Winterringer.


Lap for lap, Wilson and Winterringer would battle side by side with Winterringer claiming second. Nevertheless, out front for every lap, Rolly Heyder would go on to add another win to his book. Finishing second was Travis Winterringer, third was Braxton Wilson, fourth was  Donnie Danley and fifth was Dwayne Powell.


Hilltop Speedway

June 10, 2017


First Choice Stump Grinding and Trees Mini Wedges


Jr. Division

Heat 1- C. Hess, C. Wiley, J. Wright, B. Hague, D. Markey, J. Simon

Feature- Conner Hess, Jacob Wright, Caden Wiley, Brice Hague, Jake Simon, Darrin Markey

Sr. Division

Heat 1- K. Beagle, L. Duncan, C. Alexander, L. Crider, R. Bollinger

Feature- Karyssa Beagle, Reece Bollinger, Levi Crider, Chase Alexander, Logan Duncan


Holmes Tire Late Models


Fast Qualifier- Shane McLoughlin 15.700

Heat 1-  V. Hottinger, M. Lonas, D. Mayer, S. Campbell, A. Phillis, S. Smith, D. Giauque

Heat 2-  J. Misel, TJ Watson, L. Longbrake, W. Maffet, C. Endlich, V. Mardis, R. Kimes

Dash- R. Mardis, C. Conley, G. Lee, C. Wolford, M. Davis, S. McLoughlin

Feature-  Rick Mardis, Vic Hottinger, Michael Davis, Corey Conley, Jeremy Misel, Craig Wolford, George Lee, TJ Watson, Shane McLoughlin, Wayne Maffet, Darrell Mayer, Aaron Phillis, Mike Lonas, Cody Endlich, Shane Campbell, Dave Giauque, Scott Smith, Rodney Kimes, Lauren Longbrake, Vernon Mardis


The Hang Out in Danville Modifieds


Fast Qualifier- DJ Cline 16.617

Heat 1-  J. Smith, G. Lee, H. Eppley, B. Miller, D. Davis, T. Jacobs

Heat 2- D. Benjamin, C. Basich, R. Duston, R. Ledger, D. Fry, E. Starr

Dash- K. Morehouse, B. Takach, J. Gabrielson, K. Brown, A. Scott, DJ Cline

Feature-  Kevin Morehouse, Bruce Takach, DJ Cline, Kyle Brown, Aaron Scott, Jimmy Smith, Joe Gabrielson, Chris Basich, George Lee, Denny Benjamin, Robin Duston, Hilton Eppley, Bruce Miller, Derek Davis, Robbie Ledger, Dana Fry, Tyler Jacobs, Eric Starr


Holmes Pest Control Street Stocks


Heat 1-  D. Potts, K. Potts, K. Moore, D. Daugherty, B. Chilcote, J. Wilson, M. McElravy, L. Jarrett

Feature-  Kyle Moore, David Potts, Kevin Potts, Bob Chilcote, Dustin Daugherty, John Wilson, Larry Jarrett, Mike McElravy


Rigz Towing Modlites


Heat 1- J. Anderson, K. Morehouse, T. McLoughlin, T. Maharg, C. Snyder, J. Burkhead, L. Lease, Barry Jacobs

Feature- Kevin Morehouse, Clint Synder, Tanner McLoughlin, Joey Anderson, Tim Maharg, Joe Burkhead DNS-Levi Lease, Barry Jacobs


Short Track Fire and Rescue Mini Stocks


Heat 1-  J. Ohse, M. Miller, E. Geary, C. Mills, D. Hutchin, J. Neff, D. Thornsley

Heat 2-  C. St. John, J. Adkins, J. Harrop, T. Workman, N. Rhoads, J. Williamson

Feature-  John Ohse, Colton St. John, Matt Miller, Jerry Adkins, Tim Workman, Jonathan Harrop, Nathan Rhoads, Jeremy Williamson, Daniel Hutchin, Darin Thornsley, Edwin Geary, Jake Neff, Corey Mills


Bugs R Gone Trucks


Heat 1- B. Wilson, R. Heyder, T.  Winterringer, D. Danley, D. Powell, M. Radcliff, Z. Stafford, C. Asbury, B. Heyder

Feature-  Rolly Heyder, Travis Winterringer, Braxton Wilson, Donnie Danley, Dwayne Powell, Zoe Stafford, Mason Radcliff, Chris Asbury, Blake Heyder