Lewis Picks Up Win At “The Hill”

By Jessica Mardis


It was a perfect, summer, Saturday night for a little dirt track racing on the Hill with the return of the Ohio Thunder Racesaver Sprint Car Series among the divisions seeing action.


Making their second appearance this season at Hilltop Speedway, the Ohio Thunder Racesaver sprints featured a field of nine. Heat race winners were Rob Felix and Jim Lewis, placing them front row for their feature event. With the field set, the green was out and it was Felix taking the early lead. Meanwhile, making his way through the field, to battle for second was Jake Hesson. Side by side, Hesson challenged Lewis, ultimately taking second coming off turn four with three laps down. Hesson, looking to reel in Lewis and make a charge for the lead, would be unable to surpass. Thus, after leading every lap, green to checkered, it was Jim Lewis picking up the feature win followed by Hesson, Lewis, Hunter Lynch and Jay Dunaway.


Next out onto the speedway were the Holmes Tire late models with a field of nineteen. Setting fast time in the division was Rick Mardis with a time of 14.646.  Picking up a heat race win each was Craig Wolford and Larry Holbrook with George Lee claiming the win in the dash. After a 25-lap feature event, it was “The General” George Lee sitting in victory lane, picking up his first feature win of the season. Rounding out the top five was Jeromy Misel, Michael Davis, Brad Mickley and Rick Mardis.


The next division to see action were the Rigz Towing modlites with a field of twelve. With two heat races, wins went to Barry Jacobs and Chris Robinson, setting the front row of their 12-lap feature event. Coming off of four to the green, pole sitter, Jacobs would jump out front early as the inside row of Tanner McLoughlin followed to claim second. Running strong all season, McLoughlin would challenge Jacobs for the top spot. Working his bumper, McLoughlin would take over the lead on lap three and not look back. Fending off challenges by Jacobs as well as Robinson, Tanner McLoughlin would go on to pick up his first feature win in the modlite division this season. Second went to Chris Robinson followed by Tim Maharg, Barry Jacobs and Brandon Shaw.


Setting fast time among fifteen Hangout in Danville modifieds was “The Logger” Kevin Morehouse with a time of 16.191. A single heat race win went to Bob Page as George Lee picked up the dash win. Bringing the field down the backstretch, it was Lee and Kyle Moore, his first night out in the modified, on the front row. As the green dropped, Moore would jump out front over the field as Morehouse looked in from second. Caution would come out with a mere two laps in the books, forcing a single file restart. Back under green, Moore would once again retain the top spot with “The Logger” working the inside line challenging Moore for the lead.


As the front runners began to work their way through lap traffic, Morehouse would close in on Moore, taking the lead on lap eleven. Continuing to navigate his way through lap cars, Morehouse would begin to pull away as Lee would work his way past Moore for second with eighteen laps down. Moreover, patiently working his way through the field up to challenge Moore for third was “Rockin” Robin Duston who would ultimately claim the position just before the white flag. Nevertheless, going on to pick up his sixth straight feature win at Hilltop Speedway was Kevin Morehouse. Finishing second was George Lee, third Robin Duston, fourth Kyle Moore and fifth was Kyle Brown.


The Bugs-R-Gone truck division had a field of nine with Rolly Heyder picking up the only heat race win. Heyder, bringing the field to the green, would take the early lead over outside pole sitter Donnie Danley. Meanwhile, the battle for second would ensue between Danley and Braxton Wilson, with Wilson ultimately taking second. Two laps down, caution would come out, forcing the field up single file. Back under green, Heyder would again take the lead as Wilson would look for a way to the front as the front runners came up on lap traffic.


Unfortunately, caution would once again come out with eleven laps down as Danley, running a strong third, would spin out off of two sending him to the tail for the restart. Back under green, Heyder would maintain his position at the front of the field as Danley worked his way back up to fourth. Unfortunately, troubles for Wilson, as he went down the back stretch for the final lap, losing two positions. As the checker flag waved, it was Rolly Heyder, no strager to victory lane, picking up the feature win. Rounding out the top five was Travis Hare, Donnie Danley, Braxton Wilson and Zoe Stafford.


Rounding out the night’s events were the Holmes Pest Control street stocks with a field of ten. Heat race winners were John Wilson and Kevin Potts. Setting the pace to the green, it was Wilson who would take the early lead. As the battle for second ensued between Kevin Potts and David Potts. With four laps down, caution would fly, bunching they field back up for the restart. Back to green flag racing, Wilson would again take the top spot as David Potts would take to the high side for second. However, Kevin would charge right back to take back second. Caution, once again with seven laps down, bunched the field for single file restart. With racing back underway, Wilson with a good start, would retain the top spot.


Meanwhile, Bob Chilcote would get a run looking to challenge the bumper of David Potts for third. However, caution would again come out setting up a green, white, checker finish. Back under green, Wilson would again take to the high side and retain the lead with Kevin Potts working the low line. Nevertheless, after leading every lap going on to pick up his third feature win of the season it was John Wilson followed by Kevin Potts, Bob Chilcote, David Potts and Tommy Lute,



Hilltop Speedway


July 15, 2017


Ohio Thunder Racesaver Sprints


Heat 1- R. Felix, A. Hill, J. Mills, J. Dunaway, J. Hesson

Heat 2- J. Lewis, H. Lynch, M. Ebersbach, C. Hyatt

Feature- Rob Felix, Jake Hesson, Jim Lewis, Hunter Lynch, Jay Dunaway, Mike Ebersbach, Andy Hill, Chad Hyatt


Holmes Tire Late Models


Fast Qualifier- Rick Mardis 14.646

Heat 1- C. Wolford, D. Hornikel, A. Phillis, V. Mardis, D. Carpenter, R. Frohnapfel, S. Smith

Heat 2- L. Holbrook, R. Conley, TJ Watson, T. Baker, D. Giauque, J. Morey

Dash- G. Lee, V. Hottinger, J. Misel, R. Mardis, B. Mickley, M. Davis

Feature- George Lee, Jeromy Misel, Michael Davis, Brad Mickley, Rick Mardis, Dave Hornikel, Vic Hottinger, Rick Conley, TJ Watson, Thomas Baker, Aaron Phillis, Dave Giauque, Vernon Mardis, Scott Smith, Dakota Carpenter, Rex Frohnapfel, Craig Wolford, Larry Holbrook, Jimmy Morey


Rigz Towing Modlites


Heat 1- B. Jacobs, T. McLoughlin, T. Maharg, C. Snyder, E. Myers, B. Shaw

Heat 2- C. Robinson, J. Large, C. Petrelle, L. Lease, J. Jacobs

Feature- Tanner McLoughlin, Chris Robinson, Tim Maharg, Barry Jacobs, Brandon Shaw, Clint Snyder, John Large, Jesse Jacobs, Levi Lease, Emmett Myers, Cody Hershberger, Cole Petrelle


The Hangout in Danville Modifieds


Fast Qualifier- Kevin Morehouse 16.191

Heat 1- B. Page, R. Duston, T. Frakenberry, B. Miller, M. Enos, J. Disbennett, R. Pennington, W. Harris, M. Davis

Dash- G. Lee, K. Moore, D. Davis, K. Brown, D. Benjamin, K. Morehouse

Feature- Kevin Morehouse, George Lee, Robin Duston, Kyle Moore, Kyle Brown, Tyler Frankenberry, Derek Davis, Bruce Miller, Bob Page, Mark Enos, Randy Pennington, William Harris, John Disbennett, Michael Davis, Denny Benjamin


Bugs-R-Gone Trucks


Heat 1- R, Heyder, D. Danley, B. Wilson, B. Heyder, J. Large, T. Hare, C. Asbury, J. Reihl, Z. Stafford

Feature- Rolly Heyder, Travis Hare, Donnie Danley, Braxton Wilson, Zoe Stafford, Chris Asbury, John Reihl, Blake Heyder, John Large


Holmes Pest Control Street Stocks


Heat 1- J. Wilson, D. Potts, B. Chilcote, J. Brennon, J. Devore

Heat 2- K. Potts, D. Townsend, T. Lute, M. McElravy, S. Lute

Feature- John Wilson, Kevin Potts, Bob Chilcote, David Potts, Tommy Lute, Don Townsend, Jason Brennon, Mike McElravy, Jerry Devore, Steve Lute