Jim Dunn Memorial Comes To Hilltop

By Jessica Mardis


Saturday night, April 22, 2017 was filled with nonstop racing action as the third leg of the Jim Dunn Memorial qualifier mini series, sponsored by Jeremy Brehm at American Integrity Electric Supply in Newark, Ohio, made their stop at Hilltop Speedway.


The Holmes Tire late models and the Hangout in Danville modifieds would not only have the opportunity to claim their spot in this years’ Jim Dunn Memorial on June 18, 2017 but also a chance to claim a $300 dash for cash in the late model division and a $150 dash for cash in the modifieds.


Starting out the night’s events were the Hangout in Danville modifieds with a field of fifteen. Setting fast time was last week’s feature winner, Nathon Loney, with a time of 15.556. Heat race one winner was “The General” George Lee while “The Stalker” Jonathan Sluka claimed the $150 bonus for his dash win.


With the field set, the green was out for their 25-lap, $1,000 to win Jim Dunn qualifier. As the green dropped, a three-wide battle for the lead between Sluka, Jimmy Smith and Nathon Loney would ensue coming off turn two. Taking the lead with one lap in was Smith, with Sluka all over his bumper.


As Smith worked the high side, Sluka challenging the low line, the two would battle nearly side by side, lap after lap. Smith edging out for the lead at the line, Sluka was undeterred as he continued to battle back as the two would close in on lap traffic. Using lap traffic to his advantage, third place runner, Loney would close the gap on the top two.


However, after losing handle between one and two, caution would come out bunching the field up single file. Back to green flag racing, Smith would again jump to the front followed by Sluka who would be challenged by Bruce Takach for second. Unfortunately, contact between the two would bring the yellow out once more and send Takach to the tail with a mere six laps to go.


Once again under green, Smith would take the lead as Sluka worked the low line trying to work past Smith. As the two would round four, coming to the checkered, a side by side finish would ensue with “The Toboso Bullet” Jimmy Smith edging out for the $1,000 pay day and a guaranteed spot in the Jim Dunn Memorial. A hard fought second went to Jonathan Sluka, third to DJ Cline, forth to Chris Basich and fifth George Lee.


Next to hit the track were the Holmes Tire late models with a field of twenty-three. Fast qualifier for the division was “Hammer Down” Doug Drown with a time of 13.892. Heat race winners were Shane McLoughlin and “The Kamikaze Kid” Tyler Carpenter. Picking up the $300 dash for cash was JR Gentry. The last chance race went to Vic Hottinger.


Bringing the field to the start of their 30-lap, $2000 to win, it was JR Gentry and “Flyin” Ryan Markham front row. Taking an early lead with one lap in the books was Ryan Markham. Meanwhile, “The Flying Ace” Corey Conley would battle under Anthony Kinkade to take third. Conley, on the move, all over the bumper of Gentry, would look to secure second, doing so coming off of four with seven laps down.


As the leaders began to work their way through lap traffic, Conley would take the lead from Markham as he would bobble with a lap car in turns one and two.  With the caution out, the field would bunch back up for a single file restart. Back under green with twenty-one laps to go, Conley would take advantage of the open track, retaining the lead, as the battle for second would ensue between JR Gentry and Markham.


Once again, closing in on lap traffic, Conley would increase the gap between himself and second place, leaving Markham and Gentry to battle amongst themselves. Thus, going on to pick up the $2,000 to win feature and securing his position in the Jim Dunn Memorial race was “The Flying Ace” Corey Conley followed by Ryan Markham, JR Gentry, Tyler Carpenter, with a last lap pass for fourth and Doug Drown.


The Rigz Towing modlite division featured a field of six with a single heat race win going to Tanner McLoughlin setting him on the pole for the night’s feature event. With the green out, it was Tracy Fritter, from outside pole, taking the lead. From green to checkered, Fritter would maintain his position and add another win to his season. Finishing second was Tanner McLoughlin, third Clint Snyder, fourth Todd Swim and fifth Tim Maharg


A field of eight made up the night’s Holmes Pest Control street stock division with Kyle Moore picking up the only heat race win. Rounding four to the start, pole sitter, Moore would take the early lead, looking to make it three for three on the season at the Hill. With Moore out front, caution would come out with a mere two laps to go, bunching the field back up and providing


Kevin Potts an opportunity to make a move to the front. Back under green, Moore would again take the top spot as David Potts would challenge Kevin to take second with one to go. Nevertheless, going on to pick up this third win in a row was Kyle Moore followed by David Potts, Kevin Potts, Jason St. John and Mike McElravy.


Rounding out the night was the Short Track Fire and Rescue mini stocks with a field of nine. Heat race winners were Jerry Adkins and Edwin Geary. As the green dropped, Geary would jump out front with Adkins looking in. Five laps down, Adkins would look to the inside of Geary, however, unable to make a pass. Lap for lap, Adkins would challenge Geary’s bumper.


However, able to fend off multiple challenges to pick up his first win on the season was Edwin Geary. Second went to Jerry Adkins followed by Tim Workman, Michael Rose and Nathan Rhoads.


Hilltop Speedway

April 22, 2017


Holmes Tire Late Models


Fast Qualifier- Doug Drown 13.892

Heat 1-  S. McLoughlin, S. Prince, D. Hornikel, D. Snyder, V. Hottinger, L. Holbrook, S. Campbell, D. Rodgers, S. Smith

Heat 2-  T. Carpenter, L. Bellman, M. Bores, A. Baker, T. Myers, C. Endlich, D. Giauque, J. Wages

Dash- JR Gentry, R. Markham, C. Conley, A. Kinkade, D. Drown, C. Duncan

B-Main- V. Hottinger, L. Holbrook, C. Endlich, D. Rodgers, S. Campbell, J. Wages, D. Giauque, S. Smith, DNS-T. Myers, C. Rogers

Feature-  Corey Conley, Ryan Markham, JR Gentry, Tyler Carpenter, Doug Drown, Shane McLoughlin, Anthony Kinkade, Stephen Prince, Dave Hornikel, Vic Hottinger, Cody Endlich, Dan Synder, Larry Bellman, Mike Bores, Allen Baker, Charlie Duncan, Larry Holbrook, Derek Rogers


The Hang Out in Danville Modifieds


Fast Qualifier- Nathon Loney 15.556

Heat 1-  G. Lee, C. Basich, R. Duston, K. Brown, L. Elson, B. Page, D. Hittle, E. Singhaus, D. Davis

Dash- J. Sluka, J. Smith, N. Loney, B. Takach, DJ Cline, C. McKenny

Feature-  Jimmy Smith, Jonathan Sluka, DJ Cline, Chris Basich, George Lee, Kyle Brown, Bob Page, Robin Duston, Carl McKenny, Bruce Takach, David Hittle, Nathon Loney, Derek Davis, Lance Elson, Eric Singhaus


Holmes Pest Control Street Stocks


Heat 1-  K. Moore, K. Potts, D. Potts, B. Chilcote, J. St. John, M. McElravy, R. Grogg, D. Daugherty

Feature- Kyle Moore, David Potts, Kevin Potts, Jason St. John, Mike McElravy, Bob Chilcote, DNS-Richard Grogg, Dustin Daugherty


Rigz Towing Modlites


Heat 1-  T. McLoughlin, T. Fritter, C. Snyder, T. Swim, T. Maharg, L. Lease

Feature-  Tracy Fritter, Tanner McLoughlin, Clint Synder, Todd Swim, Tim Maharg, Levi Lease


Short Track Fire and Rescue Mini Stocks


Heat 1-  J. Adkins, T. Workman, M. Rose, D. Thornsley, D. Severt

Heat 2- E. Geary, M. Stewart, B. Tetak, N. Rhoads, M. Miller

Feature-  Edwin Geary, Jerry Adkins, Tim Workman, Michael Rose, Nathon Rhoads, Bruce Tetak, Darin Thornsley, DNS-Dan Severt, Matt Miller