Health Insurance Roundtable

  Mike Sommers, Mike McDowell on current options in Holmes Co...   Continue

What You Need To Know

Seek advice, ask the right questions and don’t assume! Continue

New Enrollment Period Here

What to know and expect plus other questions and issues... Continue

Affordable Health Care Act 2.0

Government, nation preparing for second round of sign-ups... Continue

Run-Up To New Enrollment Period

Questions abound as nation prepares for second year of ACA... Continue

ACA Court Rulings, Next Open Enrollment

More court rulings, plus what’s ahead in a variety of areas... Continue

The Courts, Costs & Changes

From the courts to the consumers, ACA remains a fluid law... Continue

Premiums, COBRA & More

ACA’s far reaching effects being deciphered on many levels... Continue

What Do The Numbers Mean?

Time will be needed to decipher the initial signup figures... Continue

Deadline Passes, Changes Go On

Open enrollment ends but not the questions and changes... Continue