2017 Fair Results

Holmes County Fair


Daily results and judging information from the Holmes County Fair…


Monday Results:
Poultry Show Results
Swine Showmanship Results


Tuesday Results:
Goat Show Results
Sheep Show Results
Swine Show Results
Pleasure Horse Show Results
Home Arts Results


Wednesday Results:
Dairy Goat Show Results
Beef Morning Show Results
Beef Evening Show Results
Rabbit Show Results


Thursday Results:
Dairy Market Show
Pygmy Goat Show
Sheep Sale Results
Goat Sale Results
Swine Sale Results
Extended Buyer Names
Flower Show


Friday Results:
Dairy Show Results
Llama Show Results
Dairy Feeder Sale Results
Dairy Steer Sale Results

Dairy Auction Results
Beef Steer Sale Results
Broiler Sale Results

Turkey Sale Results
Duck Sale Results
Fryer Sale Results

Extended Buyer Names