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MAY 28, 2009

Valedictorians, John Lorson, Brent Snyder, Ronda Leitch, Cheryl Rawson & Rachel Day visit... Photos   John Lorson Brent Snyder Ronda Leitch Cheryl Rawson & Rachel Day Continue

JUNE 26, 2009

Barry Nicholson, Bob Porter, Lisa Grassbaugh & Bob Boss visit Lunch Bunch... Photos   Barry Nicholson Bob Porter Lisa Grassbaugh Bob Boss Continue

Less Driving, More Business

Keith Berner's transition from driving to the business side... Continue

Thirty Seven Years of Racing

Kenny Jacobs' legendary career keeps on keeping on... Continue

It’s a Family Tradition

Keeping it in the family, Dean Jacobs continues the tradition... Continue

Experience is Best Teacher

Tim Hunter reaping the benefits of his experience on the track... Continue

The Racing Learning Curve

Rob Chaney applying the lessons learned over his racing career... Continue

Here Comes Another One

Sheldon Haudenschild begins making his own way at 15-years-old... Continue

JUNE 17, 2009

Lee Wagers, Cassandra Holtzmann, Patricia Lang & Joe Ledford are the guests... Photos   Lee Wagers Cassandra Holtzmann Patricia Lang Joe Ledford Continue

JUNE 11, 2009

Kurt Rodhe, Anthony Kaufman, Laura Lee Wilson, Bob Reining & Darla Stitzlein pay a visit... Photos   Kurt Rodhe Anthony Kaufman Laura Lee Wilson Bob Reining Darlene Stitzlein Continue