Hiland FFA Busy Since Christmas

By Cheryl Yoder

Hiland FFA Reporter


Hiland FFA members  have had a busy couple of months.


Just before Christmas break, the Hiland FFA Chapter members are busy making handmade Christmas cards. FFA members personally delivered them to the residents at Walnut Creek Nursing Home and Living Assistance to bring Christmas cheer. The FFA members made 165 Christmas cards in two work days.



Each Agriculture class helped make the cards. The Christmas cards were hand made with stamps, stickers, and messages. The FFA members handed out the Christmas cards and had a chance to talk with a few of the residents were Sierra Conway, Ethan Drazga, Carson Feikert, Kyle Huprich, Brandon Raber, Hayleigh Scheufler, Heidi Troyer, Joel Troyer, Sheila Troyer, and Diane Yoder.


To kick off the Christmas break, the Hiland FFA Officer team held a Winter Officer Retreat in the agriculture room at Hiland High School. The retreat started with the eight officers working on the National Chapter Application. The officers discussed the goals to achieve as a team and talked about the activities for the rest of the school year such as FFA Week, banquet, and Greenhand and Chapter ceremony.


The officers also took pictures in official dress around Berlin. The officers exchanged their Secret Santa gifts with each other. After the gifts were exchanged, the officers went home to enjoy Christmas break.


FFA application season for  FFA members to apply for State FFA Degree, American FFA Degree, FFA Proficiency Awards, and officer books occurs during December to February. Hiland FFA continue the tradition of hosting record book days dedicated for members interested in applying for the highly competitive awards. Those days consist of FFA members updating records, making corrections to records, and work with Ms. Albright. It is also a chance for students to catch up on officer duties.


The secretary, treasurer, and reporter’s book were submitted along with degree and proficiency applications at Regional Evaluations. For each award the members needs to fill out an application and  SAEs (Supervised Agriculture Experience) record book. All of the officer books received a gold rating which they’ll be recognized at State Convention.


Nikyta Engstrom applied for her State Degree and moved on to State Evaluations. Diane Yoder applied for the Diversified Livestock Production, and Equine Science. Claire Farquhar applied for Agricultural Sales. Tallie Troyer applied for Veterinary Science, and Cheryl Yoder applied for Diversified Livestock Production. Everyone moved on to State Evaluations.


This year the Hiland FFA Chapter did a wonderful job at the fruit sale. On the day the fruit came in, the FFA members unloaded the fruit, and organized it. Next was was quality control, to see if fruit was good or bad for the customers. If the fruit was bad then it was thrown away. After the process of checking the fruit, the FFA students took a break to eat lunch.


The students had pizza, chips, cookies, hot chocolate, and pop. After the FFA members were done enjoying the food, they began to make the mixed combos, examples being mixed apple combo, mixed fruit combo, etc. Final step before fruit leaves the shop, FFA members started to fill their orders from their customers. The FFA members’ orders were double checked by fruit sale helpers.



Finally, FFA members delivered the fruit to their customers. The top ten fruit sale members are Marlin Hershberger, Bailey Engstrom, Cheryl Yoder, Natalie Lovell, Tallie Troyer, Diane Yoder, Tanner Neuschwander, Sierra Hershberger, Lexi Raber, and first was Sheila Troyer.


There is a few of selected days in the month of December that the Hiland FFA Chapter help in ringing of the bell with Salvation Army bell drive. Ringing of the bell started to people in need. All the money that was raised goes towards people in need and provides food, shelter, rehabilitation, disaster relief, and more for families in need.


Captain Joseph Mcfee of The Salvation Army started the organization by thinking of when he was a sailor in Liverpool, England and saw a large pot where donations could be put into. He wanted to feed families a Christmas meal in his home city of San Francisco. From there the idea slowly spread more and more each year. In 2016, we raised more than $144 million nationwide.


The Hiland FFA members that participated in ringing of the bell with Salvation Army bell drive were: Sierra Conway, Claire Farquhar, Sarah Rose Farquhar, Kyle Huprich, Morgan Miller, Violet Miller, Brandon Raber, Lexi Raber, Kortney Schlabach, Miguel Tapia, Sheila Troyer, Tallie Troyer, Cheryl Yoder, and Diane Yoder.


On the second Monday of January, the Hiland FFA Chapter held their annual FFA meeting. The meeting started when the eight officers opened the meeting with opening ceremonies and then went into officer reports. Special features which was a committee work night, where officers could work on officer duties, and FFA members could work on awards they are applying for.


New business the chapter voted submit members applications to be part of the  state FFA band and choir. Another business that was voted  FFA members to pay five dollars for bussing for snow tubing. We also voted that members take part in the Hiland FFA Week which is the week of March 6th. The next meeting is on March 13, 2017, along with the Greenhand and Chapter Degree Ceremony.


Finally, the officers closed the meeting with the closing ceremonies. There was snacks like bologna cheese, fruit, punch, crackers, and jello. At the end of the meeting, committees met to work on duties. All of the FFA members went home, safe and sound.


Hiland FFA Chapter hit the slopes of snow tubing at Snow Trails in Mansfield. The members were joined by the West Holmes FFA Chapter. The FFA students had a chance to have a fun chapter bonding time. The members grabbed a round circular tube and went up the escalator that slowly moves upward. At the top the students have a chance to go down the hill by yourself or with a buddy or with more people. When the students wanted a break or they’re hungry, the cabin is located at the bottom of the hill and there is concession food that members can buy.



The Hiland FFA members that took part of this opportunity were: Brandon Raber, Carson Feikert, Grace Hoehn, Kyle Huprich, Sierra Hershberger, Hayleigh Scheufler, Sheila Troyer, Cheryl Yoder, and Diane Yoder. Everyone that went had an extraordinary time hanging out with friends and getting to know everyone.