2016 Relay Video Highlights

  Video scenes from the 2016 ACS Holmes County Relay for Life...   Continue

Relay Through The Lens

Snapshots from this year's Relay For Life venue and activities... Continue

Tammy Shaffer & Anne Straits

  Stylist and student team up to aid the Relay efforts...   Continue

Tougher Than She Ever Thought

  Tina Detweiler rebounds repeatedly from the curses of cancer...   Continue

Seventeen Years And Counting

  Kerry Russell celebrates 17 years as a cancer survivor...   Continue

Final Prep For Relay

  Brad Swaffer says all is ready for June 10-11 Relay For Life...   Continue

Entertainment All Night Long

  Lindsey Baker has full slate of activities planned for Relay...   Continue

Relay’s Humble Beginnings

  Brad Swaffer on how one man’s idea led to Relay For Life...   Continue

Relay For Life Changes

  Event Lead Julie Sponaugle on plans for this year's event...   Continue

Survivor Dinner, Silent Auction

  Aimee Crowthers details these activities for Relay For Life...   Continue