Miller Named At Harvest Ridge

  Steve Miller will manage Expo Center at Harvest Ridge...   Continue

2016 Fair Results

  Daily results and judging information from the Holmes County Fair... Continue

Photo Galleries—Day Six

Holly Beach captures the final day of the fair in photos... Continue

Sights & Sounds—Day Six

  Last of the video highlights from the 2016 Holmes County Fair...   Continue

Learning, Growing At Fair

  WH FFA member Jeffrey Giauque working hard to get better...   Continue

A View From Columbus

  State Sen. Jay Hottinger applauds community's efforts...   Continue

Another Great Sale Event

  Tim Hershberger on 1st junior fair sale at Harvest Ridge...   Continue

Photo Galleries—Day Five

Photographs and Memories of the fair with Holly Beach stills... Continue

Sights & Sounds—Day Five

  More from the fair through the video lens of Brice Lonsinger...   Continue

Music + Education

  "Musical Mark" entertains and educates during Fair visit...   Continue