Archives for May 2014

College Roadmap—Part CCXXXIX

Plan your college roadway; used textbooks are a great value... Continue

Disease Exposure Abroad

Do your homework to protect your health while traveling... Continue

Brothers Head To State

  Tim and Ethan Meyer battle their way to state tennis tourney...   Continue

Mullet Achieves State Trip

  Braxton Mullet closing out fantastic year on biggest stage...   Continue

Kidney Fund Auction June 7

  Fund hopes to draw strong support for biggest fundraiser...   Continue

Emergency Preparedness—Part I

Most likely causes and what you need to deal with them... Continue

MAY 28, 2014

Youth Development Group Director Greg Morrison with Brenna Gilley, Cole Woods, Rachel Miller and Tallie Troyer. Plus, Lori Guy & Deb Lehr from Pomerene Family Care... Photos   Continue

Chewing Food Properly

How you chew food can have good or bad health effects... Continue

Nutrition Facts Label Update

Information becoming more easily understood and detailed... Continue

Lots To Do At Relay This Year

  Entertainment Chair Julia Patterson on plans for this year...   Continue