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West Holmes 58 Ashland 55

Knights make enough big plays down stretch to beat Arrows... Photos   Recap: Replay: Continue

WH 60 Hathaway Brown 22

Knights dominate youthful Blazers with balanced effort... Photos   Recap: Replay: Continue

Movie Producers Locate Heidi


College Roadmap Part CCXIII

Changing your mind is acceptable but it may come with a cost... Continue

Counting Our Blessings

U.S. has much to be thankful for when it comes to health... Continue

Firearm Safety—Part I

Ten must-follow rules when handling and using firearms... Continue

NOVEMBER 27, 2013

Congressman Bob Gibbs and Pomerene's Tracy Smith are guests... Photos   Bob Gibbs Tracy Smith Continue

Healthy Diet Sabotage

Keeping your kids on the straight and narrow during holidays... Continue

Steimel Recognized By Board

HCEF Trustee Board presents philanthropy award to Steimel... Continue

2013 Medium Business Award

Millersburg Tire Service honored for 60 years of service... Continue