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College Roadmap CLXI

Changing your major could mean changing your college costs... Continue

World AIDS Day—December 1

Progress being made in the fight against HIV infections... Continue

West Holmes 85 Dover 24

Lady Knights jump to 20-5 lead, dominate Tornadoes all night... Photos   Recap: Replay: Continue

All Terrain Vehicles—Part IIId

How you ride may create more dangers than what you ride... Continue

Hiland 48 Strasburg 32

Hawks withstand Tigers 3rd quarter rally, put it away in 4th... Photos   Recap: Replay: Continue

NOVEMBER 28, 2012

Suzanne Snyder, Carol Yoder & Erik Beun visit the show... Photos     Suzanne Snyder Carol Yoder Erik Beun Continue

Avoiding Holiday Stresses

Tips for dealing with stress and depression during holidays... Continue

Large Business of The Year

Lehman's named Chamber's 2012 Large Business of The Year... Continue

HCEF Thanks Supporters

Holmes County Education Foundation appreciates support... Continue

Invasive Plant Problems

Bush Honeysuckle is a major invasive plant culprit in Ohio... Continue