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Rep. Dave Hall On Oil—Part IV

What the future could hold if Utica Shale play comes to fruition... Continue

Rep. Dave Hall On Oil—Part III

  Possible employment and service opportunities to oil industry... Continue

Rep. Dave Hall On Oil—Part II

  Environmental impact and regulatory protections in Ohio... Continue

Rep. Dave Hall On Oil—Part I

  Background on Utica Shale play—where we are, how we got here... Continue

Hiland 69 Worth. Christian 36

Hawks bury Warriors in second half 35-15 to earn ninth win... Gallery 1  Gallery 2   Gallery 3   Recap: Replay: Continue

Sponseller Chases His Dream

Former Knight and Buckeye hopes to make U.S. Olympic Team... Continue

Progress Made On Polio

World starting to get a better handle on controlling polio... Continue

College Roadmap CXIII

Accept that you may change your mind on course of study... Continue

Wooster 46 West Holmes 45

Generals escape with victory over the Knights at the Dungeon... Photos Continue

Hiland 67 Brookhaven 50

Rebounding, balanced scoring pace Hawks win over Bearcats... Gallery 1  Gallery 2   Recap: Replay: Continue