Archives for November 2011

Hiland 46 Strasburg 35

Not pretty but Lady Hawks find a way to win over Lady Tigers... Photos   Recap: Replay: Continue

Mold In The Bathroom

Steps to help eliminate mold possibilities in the bathroom... Continue

Using The HCEF Website

Holmes County Education Foundation website can be big help... Continue

2011 Medium Business Award

First Knox National Bank-2011 Medium Business of The Year... Continue

Animal Rights Issues

Animal care part of the project for Junior Fair exhibitors... Continue

Manure Management

Proper management of manure avoids pollution, possible fines... Continue

West Holmes 44 Tri Valley 34

Snyder's 20 points, 14 rebounds lead Knights to victory... Photos   Recap: Replay: Continue

COPD Awareness Month

Not curable, but COPD preventable and effectively treated... Continue

College Roadmap CVIII

Where to look, where to visit when searching for a school... Continue

Cookie Tickets Limited

Dec. 4 sold out but tickets remain for Monday, Dec. 5... Continue