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JULY 27, 2011

Ronda Steimel, Kerry Taylor, Kate Schumaker & Casey Schlauch, Penny & Jenna Sturtzbaugh ... Photos   Ronda Steimel Kerry Taylor Kate Schumaker & Casey Schlauch Penny & Jenna Sturtzbaughr Continue

Broadband, GPS Clash

Farms need both; signals clashing under proposed set-up... Continue

JULY 20, 2011

Skyview Ranch—Jeremy Hales, Aaron Monday & Faith Hamm; Space Collector— Tom Fuller ... Photos   Jeremy Hales, Aaron Monday & Faith Hamm Tom Fuller Continue

Bruce Martin Reports

Chaney is Wayne County winner; controversy at Freemont... Continue

Ag Industry Hangs Tough

Despite recession, ag industry has maintained its ground... Continue

Hoping To Burn A Mortgage

  Snyder offers deal you can't refuse to help Senior Center... Continue

JULY 6, 2011

Dave Reed; Denny Snell and Tom Wilke & Tara McCulloch are the guests... Photos   Dave Reed Denny Snell Tom Wilke & Tara McCulloch Continue

Bruce Martin Reports

Beautiful racing weekend and lots of results July 1 and 2... Continue

Year Four Begins!

Today marks the start of our fourth year at The Voice. It seems incredible that we’ve been doing it this long already. Time truly does fly.   Over the last three years, we have worked very hard to bring you a quality product and we continue to enhance it at every opportunity. Obviously, some things happen quicker than others but we’ve Continue