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Reproductive Life Planning

Keeping an eye toward the future and planning for teenagers... Continue

College Roadmap XCI

Syllabus organization and the cost of  books you'll need... Continue

Safety in The Heat—Part II

Being prepared could save your life during heat emergency... Continue

JULY 27, 2011

Ronda Steimel, Kerry Taylor, Kate Schumaker & Casey Schlauch, Penny & Jenna Sturtzbaugh ... Photos   Ronda Steimel Kerry Taylor Kate Schumaker & Casey Schlauch Penny & Jenna Sturtzbaughr Continue

Summer Pasture Management

Different approach needed during hotter, drier monthse... Continue

Fourth Weber Girls Poker Run

Poker Run to help fund recently established scholarship... Continue

Harvest Parade Sept. 10

Fifth Annual parade is only one of many event activities... Continue

Broadband, GPS Clash

Farms need both; signals clashing under proposed set-up... Continue

Heat Illnesses Defined

Explanation of various illnesses heat exposure can cause... Continue

College Roadmap XC

Successful planning leads to a successful college career... Continue