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Prescription Drug Abuse

Legal drugs can be abused as easily as illegal substances... Continue

AUGUST 26, 2009

Tom Vaughn from Rodhe's IGA Marketplace...... Photos   Tom Vaughn Continue

Knights Set To Open Season

HS Football kicks off Friday; Eastep enters 4th year... Continue

Judge White Stepping Down

Will start law practice, mediation service after 20 years... Continue

Common Local Drug–Part V

Heroin. Surprised? Unfortunately, it’s found here, too... Continue

AUGUST 19, 2009

Todd Day, Bob Rinefret, Reagan Tetreault & The Molnar Family from the fairgrounds... Photos   Todd Day Bob Rinefret Reagan Tetreault The Molnar Family Continue

Common Local Drugs–Part IV

Powder cocaine--a powerful and dangerous addiction... Continue

AUGUST 7, 2009

Kerry Taylor, Gail Cochran, Kathy Schlabach, Scott Stallman, Kate Shumaker, Tyler Schonauer tell you all you need to know about this year's fair... Photos   Kerry Taylor Gail Cochran Kathy Schlabach Scott Stallman Kate Shumaker Tyler Schonauer Continue

Common Local Drugs–Part III

Crack cocaine--short-term high, long-term addiction & dangers... Continue