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JULY 31, 2009

Dr. Bill Earney, Chester Mullet, Dave Hall & Bob Gibbs are guests... Photos   Dr. Bill Earney Chester Mullet Dave Hall & Bob Gibbs Continue

The Benefits of Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding offers many & varied benefits for developing infants... Continue

Common Local Drugs–Part II

Marijuana—not just a harmless, recreational drug. Know the harmful effects.... Continue

Preparing For Heat Emergencies

You can’t stop the heat, but you can have a plan for dealing with it... Continue

The Sounds of Summer

Protect your hearing from the high decibel sounds of the season... Continue

Increasing Motorcoach Business

Heartland Travel Showcase provides opportunites for local businesses... Continue

Charitable Gift Annuities

Ways to provide income for you, & gifts for your favorite charities... Continue

Patrons Support A Difference

Libraries took funding hit, but spared more devastating cutbacks... Continue

Pesticide Info & Safety

Handling, using & disposing of pesticides properly & safely...   Continue

JULY 23, 2009

Allison Mooibroek, Lora Howell, & Garrett Roach make appearances on the weekly show...... Photos   Allison Mooibroek Lora Howell Garrett Roach Continue